EXPLORE believe in the power of new beginnings

We start, invest and buy profitable businesses



While our background has been in offline businesses, we’ve learned to harness the power of a global approach. B2C/B2B both work till a majority of the business is internet-first.

Simple & clear

As much as we love ideas in conversation, we like simplicity in execution. The simpler and clearer the business, the better.

Cautiously optimistic

You know – the sweet spot. The business makes money without needing a crazy funding, execution or technical ability to even survive but not so conservative that it doesn’t challenge everyone on board.

Young at heart

We LOVE a can-do, fresh attitude to business. Age is no bar. Your initiative and energy is a big driving factor in our decision to partner or invest in you.

“All we have in common at the beginning is a deep desire to get somewhere big with our ideas”

We’ve come from a place just like you

As founders, we know the drill as we’ve been there ourselves, multiple times. So no posturing, no jargon-filled conversations. We get straight to the relevant bits and focus on unlocking growth.

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